“History of science” approved as an undergraduate major in China

2022-02-25 318
“History of science” approved as an undergraduate major in China
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On 24 February 2022, The Chinese Ministry of Education announced a “Catalogue of Undergraduate Majors in Institutions of Higher Education,” which listed the changes to undergraduate majors in universities throughout China. A total of 1961 majors were added to the list and 804 majors were dropped. “History of science” is one of the new majors to be offered under the discipline of “history” with a normative study period of 4 years. It is a significant step forward for the entire field of the history of science across China. From now on, all public universities in China can admit undergraduate students majoring in history of science. Previously, there were only history of science minor or certificate programs.

Tsinghua University played a major role in bringing about the accreditation of history of science as an undergraduate major program in China.

For more on the news and the catalog, visit the Ministry of Education official homepage: